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Performance Development: Sharing Music

Performance Development: Sharing Music
[Originally Posted on November 23, 2010 by Richard Matteson]


One of the concepts Aaron Shearer stressed in his performance development classes at North Carolina School Of The Arts was “sharing music.”

By focusing on “sharing music” a performer takes his or her mind away from some of the concerns about performing and focuses on the act of sharing- what a great concept.

This focus on sharing takes the emphasis off the performer’s ego and places it instead on the music- where it should be anyway. The ego is concerned about being the center of attention and with the performance situation (the audience,
the perceived importance of the performance, the difficulty of the music, the preparedness) as well as performance excitement.

Learning to focus the conscious mind isn’t easy in a performance situation- you have to practice.

What is just as important is that the concept of “sharing music” is embedded firmly in the subconscious mind. To do this you must diligently remind yourself that sharing music is your goal.

By focusing on sharing music, and thinking positively about yourself and your audience you are developing the mental tools to become an excellent performer.

More to come—

Richard Matteson

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