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Security and Confidence

Security and Confidence
[Origanlly posted on November 24, 2010 by Richard Matteson]


One of Aaron Shearer’s slogans was developing “security and confidence.”

Today we’ll look at what he meant by “security and confidence” and how to develop these qualities.

Confidence is developed from a series of successful performances. Confidence also comes from knowing what to do and how to do it- by having accurate information and knowing how to apply that information.

One of the tools for learning to play an instrument accurately and securely is ADM or Aim Directed Movement. You see in your mind’s eye in advance how and where to place your fingers to play a movement form or a series of movement forms- before you do it. By understanding in advance each movement form and how the forms are connected (associative principle), you understand exactly what to do. Developing this along with other visualization techniques like mental solfege and counting help you focus on the music during a performance.

In a performance habits of security and confidence also come from knowing how to perform and what to do if there are errors, memory lapses or problems. If you have no idea what to do if something goes wrong- you’re not prepared.

By understanding the two main ingredients for a successful performance, which are accuracy and continuity, and how to best carry them out during a performance, you’re on your way to developing security and confidence.

More to come——–

Richard Matteson

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